Why choose 

  • Professionally managed sewing machines and overlockers - no waiting for students to set-up.

  • All students use same machines - no issues with different machine capabilities.

  • Smaller class sizes - in general our classes are set at 6 maximum, meaning proper learning time with your tutor.

  • Structured classes - projects are planned to be achievable within lesson times.

  • Experienced tutors for all abilities.


The issues around safety for everyone and lockdown have meant that we are unable to offer any classes for the forseeable future. Rather than working to uncertain dates we have decided to wait until the situation is more certain before we post what courses we may be running.

Ironically, with people being able to spend more time with their sewing, we have had more requests about classes than ever. We still maintain that 'hands-on' tuition is the best and that smaller class sizes are better for teaching and learning.

It is likely that when we return we will offer lessons in smaller class sizes and more specialised projects. There are also likely to be 1 to 1 and      1 to 2 classes and as such we would be able to tailor (!) these to more specific subjects.

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You may not know that we are dealers for JUKI Domestic machines. The demand for these has been unprecedented, mainly due to their quality, reliability and value. We have secured more - but limited - stock over and above our ordered machines. If you are interested in a JUKI sewing machine or overlocker please contact Tim on 07985387223. Being a sewer he will give you advice on what's best for you (and what you should avoid out there!). We regret that we cannot offer demonstrations during lockdown.

In the meantime we can offer 'connect and collect' at our other shops, Anglian Fashion Fabrics and Anglian Furnishing Fabrics.

Call 01603 611661Dress Fabrics  or   01603 624910 Furnishing Fabrics

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