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Cindy Gidney

Cindy and her brother Tim run Anglian Furnishing and Fashion Fabric shops, started by their parents in 1974. The shops are renowned for offering quality products and excellent service from knowledgeable staff. With their background in fashion, costume and interior design, Cindy and Tim also offer inspiring workshops at makeplace, their teaching studio space on Magdalen St.

When time allows, Cindy enjoys travel in Central and South America and is fascinated by indigenous crafts like basketry and ceramics. She loves to meet local artisans practicing their ancient skills and take part in workshops wherever possible. 

Back home, Cindy creates her own unique hand woven and twined vessels using a variety of plant fibres like raffia, hemp and nettle. She is fascinated by process and creating pieces from scratch, taking time to weave, bind and intertwine materials to create texture and 3d surface interest and says  “the process of making is really calming and is the perfect antidote to a busy working life”. 

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