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For those who may not know, our 'parent-shop' website,

ANGLIAN FASHION FABRICS is finally active! Hooray!

You can now browse the site to see our different collections and check

availability before your visit (saving time) or order online for click and collect

or delivery. Click

Not all available fabrics are listed at the moment; we are working behind the scenes

to get everything listed and have hundreds more to do and lots coming in virtually

every day. Because of the limitations of online shop set-ups we are only able to offer

1/2 mt multiple cuts. Please note that we are not listing Furnishings on either site.

Do please register on the site for updates in fabrics and other products - such as new pattern tie-ins and blogs etc. The contact sheet will allow you to ask about items perhaps not

listed yet but we would be grateful if 'makeplace' enquiries were kept on this site.

On that subject - we have not concentrated on 'makeplace' classes whilst the website has been worked on. Preparation for new classes is very time consuming and we like to make

sure that they are well thought-out. We will post when we are ready to run again.

Don't forget that we are JUKI sewing machine dealers so if you want to discuss with Tim

about these ultra-reliable and capable machines, overlockers and coverstitchers, give

him a call. He sews regularly so can give experienced advice. We also stock used domestic and semi-industrial machines, serviced and guaranteed. Call Tim on 07985 387 223

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