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Well, of course all new machines come in a box. Its just that sometimes you might have expected a little more conversation and advice to help you decide if you're making the right choice.

Usually if you're buying on-line or at the supermarket the ability to talk about your purchase isn't factored-in or the sales staff don't have the knowledge needed. If several outlets are offering the same 'service', then they have to compete on price only and its a downward spiral. Your machine becomes a commodity. A box with something in it. The pressure's on the manufacturer to leave features off or compromise on quality to hit that price point.

OK. Cards on table. We sell sewing machines. We don't do the ones you can see everywhere else because they're everywhere else. Lots are very good and come with advice and back-up. Lots are sort of ok and lots are truly awful. How do we know? We get customers wanting to change after a few months or they come in to be serviced to make them sew 'better'(it can't happen).

At makeplace our main brand is JUKI- one of the largest sewing machine manufacturers in the world. Their industrial expertise and quality is reflected in all their machines and we think they offer remarkable value compared with the other better makes. We offer advice and demonstrations. We can sell you a machine in a box as well but we will ask and answer all the questions needed to make your choice the right one. The 'cheap' sewing machine you buy to see if you like sewing is more than likely to put you off it

Never heard of JUKI? Probably because people keep them and don't offload them on 'that' auction sight very often. They're consistently in the best sellers, loved by the sewing world and reliable. As in very reliable! We use them in our classes and professionally too.

Check on our JUKI product pages for current models and details.

If you need further information call Tim on 07985387223. He sews. On JUKI's, of course

It's something to consider before you click on 'that box'.

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